Circle of the Sun's fifth studio album, "Too Hot To Handle"  now released!

15% off one cup of coffee at the Buzzed Goat Coffee Shop. See Bill for details!


About Me

Diana Davis possesses an M.A. in History, a smattering of Greek, Latin, Middle English and Italian. In addition, as a current M.F.A. candidate, she knows some rather crazy things about Modern English grammar. A graduate of the SF/F audition only workshops Viable Paradise XX (2016), and Taos Toolbox (2015), she is fueled by coffee, chocolate and reading every fantasy, mythology or history book known to man, gods, and other creatures.

What If?


No Fury Like asks what if the old gods were still around? What would their lives possibly be like if they lived in the 'real world' today?

Since we mortals don't rely on those old gods anymore, how would they maintain their existence? Are they fading? What if one had a vendetta? Now what?

It's an exciting ride as Meg learns to adjust to a whole new existence and protect her fellow mythological creatures from a hunter who may be craftier than she is.

The World

No Fury Like is set in present day America. Some of the characters are:

  • Megaera, a Fury, who hunts perpetrators of unavenged crimes.

  • Bill, a satyr who's been turned into a mere mortal (Hades claims Bill cheated at cards). Now owns the Buzzed Goat Coffee Shop.

  • Apollo, fronting a rock band as a guitar god.
  • Euterpe, muse of music and a cool bassist.

  • Thor, god of thunder and a hard-hitting drummer.