Right now, No Fury Like is going through final edits.

However, I can be persuaded to take on the occasional editing project. Send any details through my contact form. I am always happy to talk writing as well, or fantasy in general!

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As an avenging Fury, Meg finds holidays hard to come by. Apollo wants her to lighten up and would be happy to help her. But work keeps getting in the way, and besides, she thinks "sunny boy" is an idiot, anyway. But he does have those oh-so-blue eyes and perfect abs....

When fellow mythological beings start becoming murder victims, Meg reluctantly reaches out for help: first to Bill,a former satyr. Now a mere mortal, Bill teaches Meg about modern technology.  Eris, the goddess of chaos, will also provide some unexpected aid. 

Reluctantly, as it's obvious the enemy is bigger than she is, Meg goes to Apollo. Worse, Thor hires her when a Valkyrie is slain. Can she survive Scylla and Charybdis, or in this case, the double annoyances of Apollo and Thor?